Cincinnati Auto Insurance Rates And Reviews – Instant Comparison

by Edward Harris on May 23, 2022

Get the cheapest car insurance rates in Cincinnati and save as much as $800 every six months. Our free online quotes allow you to quickly compare the best prices in the Hamilton County area and get covered within minutes.  With four decades of  top-rated experience and customer satisfaction, you’ll save money by utilizing our website. Both high-risk and preferred policies are available. Special discounts for Seniors and students help lower premiums. Bundling auto and home policies also provides a discount.

Auto insurance prices in Cincinnati are quite low because of increased competition among all of the regional and national companies. Hamilton County and most of the southwestern part of the state have some of the most affordable prices that are available online. Surrounding Clermont, Warren, Clinton, Brown, and Butler counties also offer some of the best deals for both new and experienced drivers. Across the river, prices in Covington and most of Northern Kentucky are slightly higher.

The average cost of car insurance in Cincinnati is approximately $55-$60 per month. The national average is approximately $75-$85 per month. During pandemics (Coronavirus 2020-2022), prices reduce, since most carriers discount their rates approximately 15%. Queen City commercial property and casualty rates are also very competitive, although it’s important to utilize a website or experienced broker that specializes in non-personal policies.


Senior And Retired Driver Discounts

If you’re 55 or over (or retired), the available senior discounts are substantial, and sometimes reach as much as 40%. There are also several regional and national organizations (AARP and AAA) that may earn you an additional reduction with your company. Any vehicle driven less than 5,000 miles will also receive a preferred rating. “Healthy living” reductions are available through selected companies if you quit smoking or take advantage of several other health-related offers.

Completion of defensive-driving courses also help save money, especially for Seniors and high-risk drivers. Students with a “B” average (or better) can earn a sizeable discount. In Hamilton County, there are many authorized driving schools, including several Bicks Driving School locations, and Bee Driving School. Flexible hours are available to accommodate persons who can only take classes on weekends or evenings. Although online training is offered, live driver-training must be completed to pass exams.

The Buckeye State offers some of the lowest rates in the US for Senior drivers. Other states with low Senior rates are Indiana, Idaho, Maine, Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Hawaii. The carriers in Ohio that often feature the most competitive prices for drivers 55 and over include State Farm, Geico, Donegal, Hastings Mutual, American Family, Erie, and Progressive. Many carriers offer additional discounts for drivers that have reached age 65.

Additional information can be found in our Ohio Auto Insurance Comparison Guide, which was recently published. Some of the tips may be quite helpful. When we research and study all of the different types of plans and risks, consumers benefit by easily finding the policy that best matches their specific individual or family situation. Households with additional property and casualty needs (investment property, primary residence, motorcycle, RV, motor home, or mobile home), can often bundle products, and qualify for additional discounts.


Best Companies

Perhaps the main reason for the price competitiveness is because  of the large number of carriers that offer policies. In several states, there are a few large companies and some smaller local options to consider. Financial stability and exceptional claims service are two prerequisites we look for, before recommending these carriers to our customers. Local office locations are preferred, although not a necessity. Vehicle changes and claim-filing can usually be handled online. Declaration pages and ID cards can also be emailed, faxed, or sent via US mail.

But here in Ohio (and especially Hamilton County), there are more than 10 carriers in all areas that may offer cheap rates. Some of the lowest priced policies typically can be purchased from Esurance, Progressive, Farmers, State Farm, Geico (Berkshire Hathaway), Nationwide and Allstate. Fast free side-by-side quotes are offered on all carriers, including options for small and large businesses, and nearby cities, including Hamilton, Middletown, Loveland, West Chester, and Dayton.

However, American Family, Auto-Owners, Erie, Travelers, AIG, Westfield, and Grange and Liberty Mutual are all Top-15 market share companies that we will often utilize, depending on underwriting qualifications. Some of the second-tier carriers that are also often considered include Motorists, Chubb, CNA, State Auto, USAA, Zurich, Western Reserve, and Hartford. Additional carriers offer discounted group plans through larger employers. MetLife previously provided payroll-deduction options to many corporate clients. However, in early 2021, they sold their operations to the Farmers Group.

Our website helps you find and apply for policies from those companies and other major carriers that offer the best deals in your zip code. Whether you have a fleet of vehicles, or an older car with basic liability, we take the time to provide unbiased research and live comparisons of the most reputable carriers. 24/7 service for claims and policy changes is usually available, with several flexible billing options. Discounts for other property and casualty products are typically available.


We’re Local

Cincinnati Car Insurance Rates Are Cheap

As a long-time local resident (Warren County), we also feel another factor is knowing and understanding the competition among so many carriers that want your business. And this phenomena has been present  for quite a while. Naturally, every company closely tracks what their competition charges. When shopping for coverage, you will see  mini “price wars,” similar to the way that  Kroger, Aldi and Trader Joe’s (and others) compete in the grocery business.

We’re located about 25 minutes North of Kings Island so it’s easy for us to keep track of car insurance prices in Cincinnati. Generally, they are about 12%-18% less than rates in the rest of the state. Premiums in Hamilton, Warren and Clermont counties are substantially lower than premiums in the Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas. Even nearby Middletown, Franklin, Carlisle, and Spingboro offer attractive pricing.  Northern Kentucky residents must purchase policies that meet Kentucky DOI requirements.

Dayton and Columbus premiums tend to fluctuate more than other similar-sized cities. Montgomery and Franklin counties have specific pockets where rates are very attractive (Upper Arlington, Gahanna, Oakwood, and Troy for example), but also other areas where excessive claims have boosted the cost of coverage. If you plan to move to another area, we’ll help you make a smooth transition through your current company, or a new one, if it makes financial sense.


County And Township  Prices

Like most large cities, you will see fluctuation in different parts of the area. Often, townships and villages will have lower rates because sometimes (not always), they experience less large liability claims and vehicle thefts. For example, you may see slightly lower premiums in West Chester, Landon, Sharonville, Fairfield, and Loveland when comparing to Reading or White Oak. Typically, premiums in suburbs are lower than prices within city limits. Reasons include more incidences of vandalism, theft and accidents with personal injury, and higher repair costs. During pandemics (Covid, for example), many carriers offer rate reductions if driving is limited.

However, if the trend reverses and claim and accident demographics change, so will the rates that insurers charge. So in the future, it’s possible that rates in Reading could reduce to the point where they are among the lowest in the area. But it will take a few good years of reduced accidents and claims. As road conditions improve, and we have a few mild winters, prices may slightly reduce.

Cincinnati Financial (also known as Cinfin) offers policies in the area through a network of agents. They are a national company and provide policies in more than 25 additional states. And, just as importantly, they currently have excellent financial ratings and low complaint rations in the latest Department Of Insurance report.

The Cinfin “personal auto plus endorsement” is one of the most unique riders that is offered by insurers. Some of the perks include lock replacement, deductible waiver, air bag replacement, increased towing and car-replacement benefits, death benefits, and trip interruption. Additional commercial options are also offered for business accounts.

The Capstone Auto option provides a single policy that covers passenger vehicles, antique and vintage autos, motor homes, and motorcycles. A single renewal date simplifies billing and policy changes. New car replacement is included for stolen and totaled vehicles, and reimbursement for transportation expenses is available. Original manufacturer parts are also used on most repairs.


History Of Prices In The Area

Another factor that keeps car insurance prices in the Cincinnati area low is that the entire state historically enjoys some of the best rates in the entire US. In a recent study by a reliable national company, it was reported that only five states charged less. They were Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, South Carolina and Maine. In another study from “Quadrant Information Systems,”  some of the most expensive states were Oklahoma, Michigan, West Virginia and Louisiana.

Orange Barrels In Ohio Roads

This may be a bit of a surprise to many folks, since as most residents know, we are called the “Orange Barrel” state, since it seems that there is road construction seemingly every month on I-75. I-70 or almost every other main highway. Whatever company manufactures those barrels does a lot of business in our state!

In much of the Midwest, and especially here in the Buckeye State,  the cost to repair damages to a vehicle (from an accident) are low. It’s not uncommon to see similar estimates from other states 20%-35% higher. In Ohio, labor and benefit costs are less, and the savings  is passed on by insurance companies that offer lower rates. Just move to New Jersey or Illinois and you’ll know what we mean!

You can help keep your prices low by bundling auto and home policies. Most carriers offer a 10%-20% discount to both policies, which generates hundreds of dollars of savings each year. Additional discounts may be offered that you are not getting. It pays to ask your agent or broker. Maintaing a good (or excellent) credit score may also provide savings. Most companies use credit scores when underwriting a policy.

Several zip codes in Hamilton County with the lowest rates include 45230, 45232, 45234, 45238, 45240, 45242, 45243, 45244, and 45244. Zip codes with higher rates include 45205, 45208, 45211, 45213, 45214, 45215, and 45223.


Don’t Be Surprised If Your Rates Reduce

It is also not uncommon to see your premium reduce during the time you own your vehicle. Through a combination of discounts, good-driving credits, depreciation, and loyalty bonuses, we often help our customers pay less than in previous years. Of course, there are other relevant factors, including age changes and addition or subtraction of violations/accidents on the MVR report.

Drivers in the area are involved in less accidents than drivers in other similar-sized cities. And you’ll find the same situation in many other cities nearby, such as Dayton, Springfield and Columbus. When compared to most other areas in the Midwest, our claim totals are lower, along with the amount of dollars that is paid to settle these claims. All of these factors point to continued low car rates in Cincinnati. The percentage of drivers with less than five years of experience is also slightly reducing, which helps keep premiums stable.


Bureau Of Motor Vehicles Locations In Hamilton County

There are 12 locations in the area that can be utilized for may services including licensing, titles, registration, showing financial responsibility and many other items. Of course, all policies must meet or exceed Ohio’s minimum liability limit requirements of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and an additional $25,000 of property damage.  The address of the 12 locations are listed below:

138 E. Court Street

7743 Five Mile Road

3372 Red Bank Road

5694 Harrison Avenue

3461 Warsaw Avenue

3235 Galbraith Avenue

7990 Reading Road Suite 3

1214 W. Kemper Road

1053-B Harrison Avenue

9997 Montgomery Road

10938 Hamilton Avenue

11177 Reading Road Suite 203


Partial List Of Auto Insurance Agencies In Cincinnati

Adkins Group – 7357 E. Kemper Rd. 45249

Albers Agency – 9200 Montgomery Rd. 45242

Amity Agency – 7659 Montgomery Rd. 45236

Backus Agency – 9463 Montgomery Rd. 45242

Berg-Berry Associates –  1127 Fehl Lane. 45230

Christenson Lewis Agency – 4484 Mount Carmel Tabasco Road. 45244

Collins Agency – 8075 Reading Rd. Suite 300 45237

Copley Agency – 7182 Pippin Rd. 45239

Croll Agency – 671 Ohio Pike. 45245

Dean Agency – 212 W. Benson St. 45215

Energy Agency – 4355 Ferguson Rd. 45245

Garrison Agency – 4624 Cooper Rd. – 45242

Harsch Agency – 5590 Miami Rd. 45243

HTT Agency – 3790 Hauck Rd. 45241

Huesman-Schmid Agency – 5670 Cheviot Rd. 45247

JM Insurance –  6020 Harrison Ave. Suite 1 45248

KDG Agency – 9500 Kings Auto Mall Rd. 45249

Kent Agency – 7520 Montgomery Rd. 45236

Labrie Agency – 3240 W. Galbraith Rd. 45239

Lewis Agency – 4484 Mount Carmel Tobasco Rd. 45244

MetLife Auto And Home – 9435 Waterstone Blvd. 45249

Nikias Agency – 12125 Village Woods Dr. 45241

Schroeder Group – 8170 Corporate Park Rd. 45242

Schrand Agency – 5670 Cheviot Rd. 45247

Siemers Agency – 1091 Locust Corner Rd. 45245

Tillman Agency – 4010 Executive Park Dr. 45241

Village Agency – 6700 Chestnut St. 45227

Wexler Agency – 7363 E. Kemper Rd. 45249

Wilson Agency – 7858 Beechmont Ave. 45255



If you’re driving (or parking your vehicle) in the vicinity of the Brent Spence Bridge near the I-71 exit ramp, watch out for falling objects…again. The Department of Transportation was recently notified that pieces of concrete may have damaged cars in the immediate area.

Eight years ago, a similar incident occurred which caused the bridge to close. More than twice the number of recommended vehicles use the bridge each day, which perhaps to the instability.

Hail storms rolled through Hamilton County and Southwest Ohio yesterday (July 13th). Hopefully, your vehicles were either under cover or avoided damage. But there were also some other flying objects that you may have noticed.

Cincinnati Red Todd Frazier won the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Festivities at Great American Ball Park. Frazier won all three rounds with exciting finishes, to the delight of the sellout home crowd. And although none of his moon shots left the stadium, it still might have been a good idea to check your windshield if you were parked in the lot!

Areas north of Cincinnati have experienced fairly stable property and casualty insurance rates in the last 12 months. Warren, Butler, Clermont, and Greene County prices are still lower than most other parts of the state.

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