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by Edward Harris on September 30, 2021

The best car insurance rates in Columbus for full coverage or liability will save you money.  Our website shows you the lowest prices from all companies, and for every type of vehicle! Franklin County and the rest of Central Ohio feature some of the most affordable options  from most of the biggest carriers, such as State Farm, Progressive, Cincinnati, Esurance, Motorists Mutual,  American Family, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, Allstate and other reputable carriers. Preferred, standard, and high-risk coverage is offered online 24/7.

Instantly, you can view the best offers for your vehicles at the top of the page. You do not have to have prior coverage in effect to get a policy you can afford. If you are a new driver or your previous policy lapsed, we will help you find the most competitive offers. Extremely low initial payments and policy approvals within 24 hours are offered. Many special discounts are offered, including rate reductions for Seniors that complete defensive driving courses, and Group policies that are payroll-deducted through an employer.

New drivers can also qualify for premium discounts with a clean driving record, prior compliant coverage, and an active policy with a standard (not high-risk) company. Some states have state-mandated requirements for income-eligible drivers. For drivers with moving violations, Erie and Geico offer competitive pricing on new policies. If coverage is immediately needed, our online links make it easy to obtain immediate complaint coverage with new ID cards.


Why Are Franklin County Rates So Low?

Why are Columbus premiums lower than most other areas? Obviously, there are fewer accidents compared to other similar-sized cities. Of course, you would never know it, if you ever are trying to merge onto I-70 from SR-270 during rush hour or driving on I-71 North or South through he city around dinner time. But somehow, the number of incidents  along with fire and vandalism claims remain low. Other big cities generally have many more accidents and incidents.

Franklin County road conditions can also be easily checked. Live updates of delays and construction zones are available which provide alternative routes for local traffic. In the Winter months, this type of information is extremely valuable.

Although we don’t get as much snowfall as nearby Indianapolis or Pittsburgh, typically, roads and highways in the area are well-maintained, which leads to less fender-benders and disabled vehicles that are suddenly off the road.  This often results in lower premiums if you live in the area. Improved highway maintenance and quick emergency team responses also help. More effective snow-melting and ice-melting techniques have also had a positive impact.


Which Areas Of The City Have The Best Prices?

Like any larger city, there will be a variance in pricing in different zip codes. Obviously, the more claims submitted in an area, the more expensive it will be to cover your vehicles. For 2021, some of the communities with very favorable offers include: Lewis Center, Bexley, New Albany, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Grove City, Westerville, Dublin, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, Canal Winchester, and Pickerington. However, other smaller villages provide low-cost options, including Blacklick, Brice, Harrisburg, Obetz, Riverlea, Urbancrest, and Valleyview.

Several of the cheapest zip codes include: 43123, 43137, 43004, 43035, 43081, 43082, 43209, and 43026 . However, many carriers use a  county-rating system instead of zip code-rating, and therefore, they may include more zip codes when underwriting  a specific area. And of course, several zip codes cover more than one county. Additional zip codes with low rates include 43119, 43125, 43054, 43214, 43215, 43216, 43217, 43218, 43219, 43220, 43221, 43222, 43223, 43224, 43225, 43226, 43227, 43228, 43229, 43230, 43231, 43232, 43235, 43236, 43240, 43251, and 43147.


Best Counties

The central Ohio counties have always been a “battleground” among insurance companies to see who can gain the most market share since the area has been very profitable in the past. For every dollar of premium coming in, there are traditionally fewer claim dollars being paid compared to other counties in the state. Instead of 85-95 cents per dollar paid for accidents and claims, it’s closer to 65-75 cents, which allows more rate flexibility. The lower percentage of paid claims result in better rates and smaller premium increases. Note: All counties  must comply with  state seat-belt, distracted driving, helmet, and impaired driving laws.

For example, some of the most available competitive prices are in the following counties: Franklin, Delaware, Union, Madison, Licking,  Morrow, Knox and Fairfield. Naturally, we are not shocked to see Licking county included on the list since the speed limit (especially on I-70) is strictly enforced.  The lower driving speeds certainly contribute to a lower incidence of accidents. Also, the absence of I-75 in any part of this area contributes to many of the attractive offers.  Although I-75 runs directly through Toledo, Dayton, and Cincinnati, it completely misses (along with the orange barrels) the Columbus area.


Best Car Insurancde Rates Ohio We Shop Ohio Car Insurance Rates So You Can Save

Carriers With Best Rates

The bottom line for most consumers is simple. Who has the lowest rates? We are monitoring prices three times daily to track trends and changes. Currently, the lowest car insurance rates in Columbus are  offered by Progressive, Grange, Motorists Mutual, Nationwide, Westfield, Farmers, Cincinnati, and Allstate.

But many other carriers are close, and actually could offer better prices depending on many factors. For example, Liberty Mutual, Frankenmuth, Hastings Mutual, Travelers, Western Reserve, and Erie offer extremely competitive prices if you package your home with them. Also, high-risk drivers, and households with teen drivers will find several additional companies that feature the lowest prices. MetLife (recently purchased by Farmers) also offers very competitive Group rates. If your employer offers payroll-deducted property and casualty products, you may be able to save money. Retired employees can also enjoy savings.

When you receive our free quote, there may be differences from one month to the next, since new discounts are often introduced and vehicles may be rated differently after more research is studied. Our list of cheapest Ohio car insurance prices may also help. Although not all companies are listed (to save space), we update prices on a regular basis. And occasionally, a new company enters the Marketplace (such as Elephant), and is worth considering. Also, several companies are owned by the same parent company, such as Allstate, State Farm, and Esurance.


The Most Dangerous Times/Areas

As you might expect, between 4:00 and 6:00 on weekdays, can be a maddening experience if you are on the road. Interstate highways I-70, I-71 and I-270 are typically near bumper-to-bumper in many areas, and traffic patterns are impossible to predict. NOTE: The Department of Transportation  provides a traffic link so you can view potential accident problem areas and avoid them. Nearby I-75 also becomes very congested in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas.

Naturally, if there is a home OSU football game (especially if they are playing Michigan, or perhaps  Iowa or Penn State), immediately after the game ends, you’ll have more than 100,000 fans trying to leave. Your best option is to wait a few minutes and hang around the stadium and enjoy another Buckeye victory!  And of course, if  OSU wins another National Championship, expect major traffic problems!

Traffic around Columbus during Buckeye Football Expect Traffic Delays In This Area During Rush Hour

The University of Toledo and The University of Cincinnati also draw large crowds (not 100,000!) for their home games. Kings Island and SR 741 (if you are traveling South) can be backed up from June to August. And don’t forget the Ohio State Fair along with all of the other county fairs every summer. That’s a lot of traffic! Kings Island traffic on I-71S around Butler County is sometimes heavy during the summer. Their “WinterFest” traffic in the Winter months and much less significant.


Need An SR-22 Bond?

Like all other states, Ohio requires  proof of liability coverage if you are operating a vehicle. ID cards are issued once or twice per year and sent to policyholders. But what if your license was suspended because of a DWI, or combination of other violations and accidents?

We help you get back on the road quickly (and legally) so that you meet all state requirements and provide the legally-required paperwork and filings. You must furnish an SR-22 to get your suspended license back. However, if your driving privileges have been taken away (For example 30, 60, or 90 days), you may have to wait until the mandatory term is over before obtaining the Bond. If you have a recent DWI, the cost of the bond could be higher than your previous insurance.

NOTE: An SR-22 Bond (Safety Responsibility) is a state-minimum liability contract that provides coverage for the named insured only. It does not cover other family members or passengers of the automobile. It is more expensive than a standard policy since it is considered “high-risk.” Also, if you fail to pay the required premium, the insurer is legally required to notify the BMV. An SR-26 is subsequently filed, and the driver’s license is suspended. When an active SR-22 can be verified, the license is typically reinstated.

One of the biggest limitations is that it does not cover physical damage (collision and comprehensive), so if your vehicle is currently financed or leased, you may need to purchase a rider to satisfy the lease or finance company requirements. Also, movement to or from the state will typically not change the filing requirements of the Bond. A non-owner SR-22 is also offered.


What Are The Best Discounts for Vehicle Insurance?

The two biggest and most common discounts are the multi-car and multi-policy. The amount of their reductions are approximately 15% and 10% respectively. There is no underwriting to determine if you qualify. You simply must make certain that all of your vehicles are covered through the same company, and if possible,  place your homeowner’s coverage with the same carrier. Of course, you must be in good-standing  and not on a “do cancel” list.

Best Rates For Teenagers Car Insurance In Ohio Before You Know It, Your Kids Will Be Driving!

The good student discount is a must if you heave a teen driver. Typically, it’s about 5%-15%. However, the reduction is applied to the vehicle your son or daughter is assigned to, which often results in a substantial savings. This discount will continue to apply throughout the summer, so the last grading period is the most important. These discounts are also offered for graduate and medical school students.

For students that attend college more than 500 miles away, it’s possible an additional discount will apply. Usually, you are required not to have a vehicle with you at school, although you are allowed to come home for vacations and other short visits. If you stay in school throughout the summer session (with a vehicle), the discount will not apply.

Senior Discounts

The typical “mature” reduction is between 10% and 25%, depending on age and number of miles driven. Some carriers begin offering a reduction at age 50, while others start at 55. When you are also retired, the level of savings increases. Some carriers offer additional price reductions at age 65 and 70. However, multiple at-fault accidents can have a severe negative impact on your rate if you are over age 75.

A “mature driving” program will also help. There are several area schools that offer the package. It can be completed online for a cost of about $20. It contains quick-read lessons and the course can be completed in multiple sessions. The National Safety Council of Central Ohio offers several  defensive driving courses. Many local driving schools also participate in qualified classes. Your local BMV office can provide additional information.

And naturally, any alarm systems or safety devices you have, will help. Factory-installed systems always help, along with devices you purchase yourself. Before buying, you can check with us, or the insurer, to verify it will result in a cost reduction. Sometimes the purchase of specific types of theft-deterrence systems will pay for themselves in less than two years. Vehicles equipped with lane-change warning devices and backup cameras also qualify for additional savings.


Does It Help If I Graduated From Ohio State University?

We wish it did! Even though I’m a Miami U graduate, I’m incredibly impressed with OSU (our daughter and son are students there).  One tip that might help, is if you have children attending school there (or any other college)…if they keep a car on campus, often it is garaged in a separate area on or off campus. This spot may be several blocks away from traditional housing and perhaps 15-20 minutes walking distance away.

Pick a spot that is well- lit and don’t keep your vehicle parked for more than one week at a time. Usually, these places are safe, but the incidence of vandalism and glass-breakage is higher compared to being parked in your own closed garage or driveway. If possible, pick a garage that has 24-hour security surveillance and is centrally located. Or choose a spot that is fairly close to on-campus dorms, since from my experience, those areas seem to be the safest.

NOTE: There are many private parking areas that are within walking distance to the campus. However, it’s a great idea to speak to a few persons (students living off-campus) about the safety of parking the car overnight in that area. For example, it is well-lit and have there been recent incidences of vandalism or damage? Also, Resident-Assistants (RAs) are often a great resource for finding out where the best parking spots are. Typically, they keep a vehicle on-campus.


Franklin County Car Insurance Brokers

Marsh And McLennan Agency – 8760 Orion Place Suite 110

Rivers Group – 9039 Antares Ave. Suite G2b

Thomas Clarkson – 8897 Commerce Loop Dr.

Wendy Sams = 8897 Commerce Loop Dr.

Specialty Services – 2000 Polaris Parkway

AAA Agency – 8350 Sancus Blvd.

Jon Pantone – 54 Dillmont Dr.

Bruce Rothermund – 50 Northwoods Blvd.

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