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by Edward Harris on April 5, 2013

Save money on your auto insurance rates in Cleveland. We help you find the lowest prices in Cuyahoga County (and surrounding counties) by shopping and comparing the best offers from multiple companies. By finding the cheapest online quotes, you can potentially save thousands of dollars per year. Whether you live in Shaker Heights, Brook Park, Lakewood, Garfield Heights, or Euclid, we show you the lowest available prices in Ohio. If you are not currently covered, several affordable options are offered, that will allow you to drive, and meet all liability requirements. Many additional property and casualty products are also offered.


Who Offers The Best Prices?

It depends on many variables (as many as 20) so, it would not be fair to say specific carriers such as Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, or Geico always have the lowest rates in Cleveland. For example,  a couple in their 30s that live in Beachwood or Parma, may get the best offer from Esurance. And a family of four drivers in Solon or Fairview Park, may find that Progressive’s prices are the lowest. Of course, we’re located here in the Buckeye State, so we understand how to find the best options. Many employers offer payroll-deduction options for their employees, and additional carriers, such as MetLife, often offer competitive rates. Underwriting is more liberal, although selected ancillary products may not be available.

If you have more than three moving violations on your MVR report, have had a recent license suspension, or are required to carry an SR-22 Bond, a non-standard (high-risk) policy may be needed. This type of coverage is unfortunately more expensive than a conventional plan, but eventually, the prices reduce, and usually very quickly. Often, only one driver in the household is considered a “high-risk,” allowing other household members to retain their preferred rates. In rare situations, it may be cost-effective to utilize two separate carriers to cover all drivers and vehicles. An exclusion rider may be required.


Sample Monthly Rates (Estimates Are Current)

45 year-old married couple driving 2016 Honda CR-V LX. Liability limits are $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence with $500 deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage.

$43 – Grange

$45 – Geico

$45 – Motorists Mutual

$48 – Ohio Mutual

$50 – Western Reserve

$52 – Erie

$53 – Cincinnati

$58 – Celina Insurance

$58 – Central Insurance

$60 – Progressive

$61 – Westfield

$64 – Cincinnati

$64 – Hastings Mutual

$64 – State Auto

$66  – State Farm


25 year-old single female driving 2015 Toyota Corolla. Liability limits are $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence with $500 deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage.

$50 – Grange

$62 – Geico

$64 – Esurance

$64 – Erie

$66 – Motorists Mutual

$70 – Utica

$72 – Hastings Mutual

$77 – American Family

$80 – Merchants Insurance Group

$81 – Western Reserve

$86 – Cincinnati

$87 – Progressive

$88 – State Farm

$88 – Celina

$95 – Ohio Mutual

$95 – Nationwide


55 year-old married couple driving 2015 Ford Fusion. Liability limits are $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence with $500 deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage.

$43 – Geico

$54 – Utica

$57 – Esurance

$57 – American Family

$57 – Motorists Mutual

$59 – Cincinnati

$59 – Ohio Mutual

$61 – Hastings Mutual

$64 – Westfield

$64 – Erie

$66 – Western Reserve

$68 – Celina

$71 – Progressive

$73 – Encompass

$74 – Frankenmuth

$75 – State Auto

$75 – 21st Century

$78 – State Farm

$88 – Nationwide

$90 – Farmers


NOTE: These quotes are raw estimates, and differences in credit, driving record, zip code or marital status could increase or lower premiums. And of course, there are many other carrier prices that we also research  to see how competitive they are. When a new company, such as Elephant or Esurance enters the state, we monitor their prices extra closely to determine if there are any sudden substantial increases or decreases. Also, many carriers (State Farm, and Allstate, for example) offer policies through multiple companies.

Find Low Cost Auto Insurance Ohio

Compare Affordable Ohio Rates

For example, as previously mentioned, changing the parameters will impact prices. If we add a driver, a car and move this person to Toledo,  we may see a change in the rankings. That’s why we encourage you to utilize our secure website to get multiple quotes, not just the price from a single carrier. Whether you have a perfect driving record, or need an SR-22 Bond from a recent license suspension, we do the shopping for you.


What If I am Not Currently Covered?

You can still purchase a policy for your vehicle. Although you may not qualify for a “prior-insurance” discount, there may be some affordable options, depending on how many (if any) moving violations you have. Many companies offer very low down-payments for first time vehicle owners or drivers that let their prior Ohio car insurance policy lapse. You can also read about some of the best Ohio auto insurance companies. We are always very unbiased and offer coverage in all parts of the state, including local areas not previously mentioned, including Brooklyn, Parma, Seven Hills, University Heights, Rocky River, Maple Heights, and Warrensville Heights.

Since the state minimum liability requirements were raised, $12,500 per person and $25,000 per occurrence of bodily injury is no longer allowed for either a first-time policyholder or any existing policyholder. $25,000/$50,000 limits are now required by the State BMV which has not made a significant difference in most carrier premiums. $25,000 of additional property damage is also required, although higher limits are highly recommended. Increased limits of $50,000/$100,000 should always be considered, with at least $50,000 of property damage.

If you drive a vehicle that is financed or leased, your finance or leasing company will undoubtedly require you to place collision and comprehensive benefits on your policy. Although deductibles of $100 and $250 may be available, the maximum allowed deductible is generally not higher than $1,000. If you own the vehicle outright, you may choose any deductible, including options as high as $2,500.


SR-22 Bonds And License Suspensions

If you need an SR-22 filing, it is a fairly easy process that can be  quickly completed. Filing of the financial responsibility paperwork can be accomplished electronically the same day so you are able to get back on the road quicker. Your Identification cards can also be easily processed in case you need to visit a  Cleveland area Bureau Of motor Vehicles office in person. NOTE: This type of bond only covers the specific person named on the policy. It is not designed to provide coverage for an entire family.

If your license has been suspended, typically, you have to keep the SR-22 for three years. Occasionally, the period of time is lengthened to five years. Of course, an actual car insurance policy will have more coverage than the bond, and at some point, you may wish to consider purchasing conventional benefits. The bond also is not designed to offer collision and comprehensive coverage. Also, if you move outside the area (to a different state), you must keep your bond active.


Car-Sharing In Cuyahoga County

If you don’t own a vehicle, and prefer not to use public transportation, “Zipcar” has arrived! This car-sharing company allows you to rent vehicles for a few hours, or a few months, depending on your need. The cost for standard use (Ford Focus or Ford Escape, for example) is about $8 per hour or $70 for the entire day. Gas and some insurance are  included as part of your fee. Avis is actually the parent company, and they are based in Boston.

University Circle and Mayfield Road are the convenient Zipcar location sites that are quite popular to students, visitors to the area, condo owners and apartment residents. Since owning and maintaining a car can be expensive (financing, maintenance, insurance etc…) the concept of renting a vehicle is growing with popularity. And with all of the apartment and condo-type housing in the area, convenience and value makes the concept very attractive.

Of course, you always should check with your insurer to determine how much of your existing coverage applies, and what out-of-pocket expenses you may incur in case of an accident or vandalism/theft claim.  In fairness, using a bicycle or public transportation will eliminate those potential expenses.


Local License And Title Locations

If you need assistance with getting your temporary license, renewing a license, or getting a title or registration for your vehicles, these local offices can assist you:

Wade Park – 8039 Euclid Ave. (216) 721-8020

Reinstatement – 1200 Snow Rd. #500 (Parma) (440) 845-2007

Downtown – 2765 E. 55th St. (216) 431- 1445

9th Street – 2079 E. 9th St. (216) 443-7010

Edgecliff – 3345 Edgecliff Terrace (216) 941-8008

Biddulph – 7000 Biddulph Rd. (216) 459-9332


What About LeBron James?

Although we’re all happy (OK…most persons) to see LeBron back in town playing for the Cavaliers,  the increased revenue for the city will not impact your auto insurance premium. Of course, more traffic may mean more accidents, but the extra funds available for better road repair, street lighting etc…will offset any increased risks of accidents or claims. Of course, if he can bring an NBA Championship to the city, a lot of drivers will be happy!

You can compare free Cleveland car insurance quotes (or anywhere in Ohio) on our website, view side-by-side comparisons of the best deals and apply for a policy. We’ll be here to help or you can use our direct links.



March 2015 – Proving financial responsibility is now much easier in Cleveland and the remainder of the state. Cell phones, computers, and several other electronic devices may be utilized to show you have a compliant and active policy. Governor John Kasich signed the bill that was originally sponsored by Representative Edna Brown.

For example, if you are stopped by a police officer as a result of an accident, moving violation or other routine traffic stop, you can still use your standard ID card. But if it is not assessable, you can show proof on your notebook or phone, if you have them with you. Saving an image so it is always available will save yourself and the officer time, and it is easily verifiable.

April 2017 – Rates In Cleveland continue to be higher than most other Buckeye State cities. However, recent increases have been lower than several other cities, including Youngstown, Dayton, Akron, Parma, Toledo, and Canton.

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